Exclusive Registration

Massimo Immersion is a must-attend event. There is no other conference which offers you a highly targeted curriculum, an idea sharing environment, and first rate, proven presenters.

This must-attend event will be limited to only 50 commercial real estate professionals.  

This restricted attendance will provide you with a true peer-to-peer experience like no other.  Furthermore, the event has been designed to insure you interact with professionals who are most similar in size to you while avoiding any potential for competitive conflicts.

Registrants cannot be “new to the business” and must have a minimum of one year in the business, with a strong preference for five years or more.  Additionally, this program is not designed or intended for company owners and managers. 

In order for the attendees to maximize their learning experience, peer-to-peer teams will be allocated based on non-competitive locations and industry focus.

We reserve the right to cancel registrations which do not meet this criteria.  Massimo Immersion is exclusive so you can get the highest return on your investment.