Success Strategies

Massimo Immersion offers pre-defined sessions which hit the major success pillars of every commercial real estate professional. To enhance the learning experience, the presenters were selected from the Massimo Group’s successful experts.  These cross-industry leaders have been chosen both for their proven ability to teach and inspire as well as their real-world, successful application of the strategies they will share.  Each session and presenter will generate fresh, actionable ideas that you will be able to implement immediately.

Before You Grow, Know Who You Are

If you want to grow, you have to know where you are starting from, both professionally and personally.  Before you attend the on-site sessions of Massimo Immersion, you will already have completed two essential assessments which will allow you to make the most of this investment in yourself.

The first assessment is a customized audit of your commerical real estate practice.  Our R.A.M.P. UP© platform has been successfully completed by 1,000’s of CRE professionals in over 5 countries.  Over the last 12 months we have completely overhauled the platform and developed separate systems, based on CRE brokerage, mortgage brokerage, and property management.  The result for you is that you will be exposed to 100’s of success-based strategies and tactics, and you will be coming to Duke with the understanding of what you need to specifically work on to grow your business.

The second assessment is your personal Activity Vector Analysis (AVA).  The AVA is a clear and practical tool to understand, motivate, and coach our clients as best possible. AVA predicts work-related behaviors, decision-making approaches, flexibility under various environmental conditions and other important aspects of behavior. For you, the AVA is a proven insight into how you behave and how to leverage these natural behaviors for maximum production.

Possess a Targeted and Consistent Prospecting Program

No matter one’s level of success, you and/or your team must consistently “ask for the business”.  Whether your business is generated from new contacts or existing clients, you can only grow your revenues by growing the number of opportunities to pursue.

Asking for business is prospecting.  Getting known is presence.  The two are complementary, even synergistic; however, both are essential to your success.  In this session, along with your coach, you will refine your value proposition and explore alternative approaches to prospecting, including over the phone, in person, and through the use of targeted letters. 

The objective of every prospecting effort is to get a meeting.  You will leave Massimo Immersion with a clear understanding of how to dissect your targeted prospects and how to conduct your phone calls in order to secure the opportunity to introduce yourself, deliver a unique and compelling message, and ultimately position yourself as the only service provider worth meeting.

Develop the Position as a Market Leader

If prosecting is asking for business, then presence is marketing your talents.  Building a strong personal presence in your market and being top of mind is a key differentiator of market leaders.

It's not good enough to just be the most talented, most experienced professional in your space.  You have to be the best known as well.  In the pursuit to find and win business, there is no greater ally than a strong and positive presence.  Personal presence and being top of mind with your prospects, clients, and allied sources will turn every cold call into a warm call and afford you an unbeatable lead generation system.

You will understand how to unite a proactive prospecting program with a comprehensive presence campaign.  The combination of these two pillars of success will attract you to a greater number of opportunities than you have ever experienced.

Deliver Differentiating Presentations

Once you understand and begin to leverage the combination of prospecting and presence you must be prepared for articulating your message and differentiating yourself from your competition.  Your presentation approach, including the materials you share, the content you provide, and the delivery you use, will ultimately win or lose you the opportunity.

During Massimo Immersion, we will share with you how to differentiate yourself and/or your team and position you as the choice to win the representation.

Committing to a Plan of Success

Understanding what to do is only the beginning.  You need to create a system, leverage resources, and commit to a higher degree of discipline to convert these powerful approaches into earnings.  This is where Massimo Immersion is completely unique from any other conference or convention experience you have ever attended.

The objective of the Immersion program is to put you in position to have your best year ever. As such, we will further provide guidelines of how you will spend your time on a daily basis as well as building your own team.

Additionally, you will leave Massimo Immersion with specific weekly metrics to follow to achieve your personal goals. Our coaching team will share with you how to best craft these personal metrics and provide you direction for progressing on your own and alternatives for further support after Massimo Immersion program is complete.

These sessions are designed to insure you interact with professionals who are most similar in size and focus as you, while negating any potential for competitive conflicts.