Why Attend Massimo Immersion?

Massimo Immersion is a must-attend event.  This is the only conference which offers you a highly targeted curriculum, exclusive peer-to-peer idea sharing environment, and first rate, proven presenters.

Massimo Immersion is an exclusive and intensive two-day conference that features the most engaging, dynamic topics for commercial real estate success. 

There is no conference this season that will have a greater and more direct impact on your professional income, both in 2015 and beyond, than Massimo Immersion.

The curriculum focuses on the four major pillars to commercial real estate success:

  • Understanding your current business position and personal strengths
  • Implementing a target and comprehensive, prospecting campaign
  • Building a strong, personal market presence, and being known as a market leader
  • Creating presentations that differentiate you and win more, higher quality opportunities

This must-attend event will be limited to only 50 commercial real estate professionals across North America.  This restricted attendance will provide you with a true peer-to-peer experience like no other.  Furthermore, the event has been designed to insure you interact with professionals who are most similar to you while avoiding any potential for competitive conflicts.